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Awadori Dancers at the Shrine – Hatsudairen

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People, Places by tokyobling on October 5, 2013

Often finding the best photo opportunities in Japan is just a matter of luck. And a keen sense of hearing. I had been up to see the festival at the Yoyogihachiman Shrine near Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, and was on my way towards Hatsudai when I picked up the sound of a very familiar flute and turned back. It was one of my favorite Awaodori teams, the Hatsudairen (初台連), preparing to receive their blessing at the shrine before the evening’s Awaodori festival in Hatsudai. They went in with guns blazing, that is, in full gear and with flutes and drums, dancing all their way up the very steep and tall stone stairs that lead up to the shrine on the hill. I have never seen an Awaodori troupe perform like this before so it was great fun for me to watch, maybe less fun to battle those stairs while dancing! The route led them towards the main shrine where they gathered up to receive a private blessing by the young priest of the shrine, waving the ceremonial white papers over the group. The men all took their headgear off, of course, but the onnaodori, the women dancers with the folded straw hats got to keep their on. It’s not an easy headgear to take off, as far as I have seen.

I love these moments when I just luck out and happen onto something cool and interesting.


















Hatsudairen in Three Colors

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People, Places by tokyobling on October 31, 2011

So, how do you like my new ambition to start posting twice a day? Tokyobling will soon celebrate it’s third birthday and I felt it was time to do a little bit more, so at least for awhile, I will try out posting more often than before. As before, one post will be a serious one, possible longer, while the other post of the day will be a little bit more playful, and have the sort of content that I usually wouldn’t devote a full post on. Forgive me for being a little playful.

This post a one of the more playful one. This is a member of one of my more local Awaodori teams, based in Hatsudai (Hatsudairen – 初台連), in the northern part of Shibuya ward in central Tokyo. I took this photo at the annual Hatsudai Awaodori Festival in September. It’s held in the team’s home ground and is one of the most interesting Awaodori festivals in Japan. For this photo I played around with the post processing, one original colors, one sepia toned and one black and white. I have a hard time to select my favorite, so I’ll post all three of them and let you decide which one is best! Enjoy!


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