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Bow Hair

Posted in People by tokyobling on September 20, 2012

Or should I call it hair bow? I saw this gorgeous hair setting in Tokyo’s Omotesando district the other day. Isn’t it fantastic? I know there are preset wigs in this shape to buy but this looks so realistic. Oh, and before anyone mentions it, it does look like she is giving me the finger! I can assure you that no Japanese would do something as rude! She is holding her soft drink bottle and bag while tapping away on her phone though.

Only In Japan – The Ginza Style

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People by tokyobling on October 30, 2011

There is nothing like taking a walk around the back streets of Ginza on an early evening, watching the hostesses and club staff getting ready for the night, I’d say there’s no other place in the world with a higher concentration of beautiful women between the ages of 30-50 than Ginza streets at 1830 in the evening. Most of these women have a set style and set look that is very typical for this profession and this area. I have asked a lot of people if there is any established name for this elegant half-pompadour but no one seems to know, so I am just going to go ahead and call it the the Ginza Style. Actually, the gorgeous ladies in these photos are not hostesses but tourist staff from Akita prefecture in the North of Japan. Obviously the people of Akita still keep the strict hairstyles of the bubble economy! But if you really want to see this style in the wild, head to Ginza and just walk around. On a recent walk through the area I saw this sign outside a beauty salon that answered a question I have been mulling over for years! How much does it cost to get this hairstyle done for yourself? Well, depending on the time it seems to be between 1800-2300 yen, but I am sure there are some salons that charge up to five times as much. Keep in mind that these hostess ladies do this every night of the week before going to work. In the old days, before the war, fashionable ladies used to get their hair set once a week and sleep on special pillows so as to not ruin their hair styles. And before you shudder in disbelief, fashionable women in Europe and North America went to very similar lengths to keep their hair in order.

Still, I love this hairstyle, and apart from hostess bars (which are just way too expensive for the ordinary person to even try) some upscale restaurants (upscale meaning a meal is between 40-300 USD) require their head staff to wear similar hairstyles. It’s considered very old fashioned and even though you still see young women in this style I doubt it will survive more than a handful of decades in the future.


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