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Odaiba Rainbow Bridge

Posted in Places by tokyobling on December 23, 2013

I have lived a good many years in Tokyo before I saw the famous Rainbow Bridge actually lit up in the colors of a rainbow! I always wondered about the name and the rather drab light up, but here it is, the Rainbow Bridge in all its namesake glory! Today, the 23rd of December a public holiday and the Emperor’s birthday. It is called Tenno Tanjobi in Japan and Emperor Akihito (or Emperor Heisei) is 80 years old today. May he live for a good many years still! He share the throne with Empress Michiko, who is the first commoner ever to marry a Crown Prince of Japan. The Emperor is no dummy, in fact he is a respected scientist in the field of ichthyology, the study of fish, especially in the subject of taxonomy.





Tokyo Walks – Tamachi – Shibaura Island – Rainbow Bridge

Posted in Places by tokyobling on August 31, 2013

Recently quite a few people have asked me to give them advice on what to see and what to do in Tokyo and it’s always a difficult question to answer. There are just so many things to see and do here. Depending on your age, interest, physical condition you’ll have so many options. For me though, the best things in Tokyo are the simplest, and the most unique are the easiest: just walk around and experience the streets! Of course, if your walking has an interesting destination it is even better. One of my favorite walks, any time in the day, is from Tamachi station on the Yamanote line all the way over to Odaiba via the Rainbow Bridge. Going to Odaiba by train is always a little bit of a hassle so walking there is a great option! What you do is to exit Tamachi station from the Shibaura Exit (east exit), and just walk straight. Once you reach the Tokyo Monorail in the photos down below you keep walking straight but keep, if possible to the right. Eventually you’ll reach the bridge and you’ll have the option of walking the south or the north route. I’d recommend the north for being slightly more scenic and easier to photography (usually no sun into the camera). At the end of the bridge you’ll be at the famous Odaiba district! Lots of things to see there (and shopping). Total walking, about 4km.

I took these photos on a sunny afternoon, halfway on the route at Shibaura Island, and the last image from the top of Odaiba bridge. I have posted plenty of photos of Odaiba and the bridge before, so please browse the blog via the tags if you are interested in seeing more!






Yakatabune in Odaiba

Posted in Places by tokyobling on July 27, 2013

Just a simple snapshot I took last week of some yakatabune, party boats, in Tokyo bay, near Odaiba. In the background you can see the Rainbow bridge, connecting mainland Tokyo with the man made Odaiba island for pedestrian, car or train traffic. A classic photo for most tourists to Tokyo!


Walking Rainbow Bridge

Posted in Places by tokyobling on June 21, 2013

One of my favorite walks in Tokyo is the one taking me over the Rainbow Bridge from Tokyo’s harbor districts over to the man made shopper’s paradise of Odaiba. Here’s a couple of photos I took a few months ago, one of the classic symbols of Tokyo as well, the Tokyo Tower. Enjoy!




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