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Matsuri Fashion Check?

Posted in People, Places by tokyobling on October 19, 2010

Here’s a few shots of people in various outfits the Ikebukuro Festival a couple of weeks ago. The first two are of a performance group showing traditional Okinawan dance and music in their gorgeous costumes! It was the same troupe as last year and I recognized most of the performers. They did great despite the pouring rain, and this time the expression on the lady at the head of the troupe is perfect. She never gave up that frown!

I loved the expression on the young woman putting on a dry jacket as well, she was probably soaked! The fourth picture is a kind of clothes you don’t see very often in Japan any more, the fundoshi! Basically, a loincloth. It is only seen in some very traditional festivals and I really admire the men and women brave enough to dress up in public like this! The last photo is of a policeman in his bright yellow rain gear. I wish I had worn something similar. Luckily, modern digital cameras are not very sensitive to rain. Shot with a Nikon D3s and mostly a 135mm f2.0 DC.

© All images copyrighted. Please use only with permission.

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