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Mount Aso Erupts

Posted in Nature, Places by tokyobling on September 15, 2015

On Sunday the famous Mount Aso volcano in southern Kyushu’s Kumamoto Prefecture erupted, sending a plume of rocks and smoke about 2000m up into the air. I have not seen any reports of injuries and there was no danger to the few hikers and tourists who were on their way to see the volcano lake. I haven’t been to Kumamoto Prefecture for a few years now but when I last visited Mount Aso I took these photos of the main crater. There was quite a lot of smoke and the whole area around the mountain is outstandingly beautiful, all in all maybe one of the best tourist attractions in the country. But let’s wait a little until this one calms down! Here are some photos from the summer of 2012.





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  1. DrawingConnections said, on September 15, 2015 at 9:08 am

    Amazing photos and so close! May I ask what those interesting looking built structures are?


  2. TonyJ2 said, on September 16, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Great photos. Great place. A friend and I went up to the viewpoint when it was safe, then within seconds a drift of gas went over us. The safety lights were red, and a guard was walking quickly- no running – to usher us away to safety.

    Volcanos are fascinating places! Mt Aso is a good place to visit and the journey there by train and bus from Kumomoto is long but delightful.


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