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Marunouchi Light Up

Posted in Places by tokyobling on November 20, 2015

It is the time of the year when everyone and everywhere in Japan does their best to lighten up the winter darkness, and this means lots and lots of light up events around the country. I took these photos last year of the decorations at Marunouchi’s Nakadori district, the Wall Street of Japan. This year will probably be similar, so if you want to brighten up your winter, please head over to Marunouchi and have a look!







More Interiors of the Meiji Seimeikan

Posted in Places by tokyobling on April 22, 2015

A few months ago I posted a series on the lovely Meiji Seimeikan building in Tokyo’s Marunouchi district, in fact, one of the most central buildings in Tokyo as it faces the imperial palace. You can see my previous posts on the subject by clicking on this tag. The interiors of this old building is really quite magnificent and I am still amazed that they open it to the public free of charge on most weekends. The fifth image is perhaps the most interesting, as it shows the old doctor’s office of the building, where staff and visitors would be able to receive simple medical help and examinations. Unfortunately the doctor’s equipment is long gone but if you are into that I recommend you visit to the old Clinic in Kamakura.

The first floor of the Meiji Seimeikan is still a working insurance office and the basement has several restaurants and eateries if you are hungry and not too budget minded.










Meiji Seimeikan Interiors and Elevators

Posted in Places by tokyobling on February 11, 2015

One of the most interesting parts of the the Meiji Seimeikan in Marunouchi (mentioned a few times in posts recently) are the original building details, the elevators, the internal tube mailing stystem, the buttons, levers and mechanics of the structure etc. It adds to the experience. The rooms on the visitor’s level are very luxurious, and you must wonder at the quality of the fittings and furniture, I doubt many modern offices look this good even after a couple of years of use, and this building has been in used through wars and Earthquakes for decades by now. The building is open on weekends and the is no entrance fee so go have a look when you are in the area!








The Atrium of the Meiji Seimeikan

Posted in Places by tokyobling on February 3, 2015

When the great renewal and construction boom of Marunouchi started 10-20 years ago it was decided to spare as much as possible of the historic old Meiji Seimeikan. The rear part of the building was incorporated into a glass atrium connecting it to the old street level and the newer buildings around it. It is quite a nice place to visit and the new atrium is often the setting for concerts or smaller events.


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