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Suntory Whiskey – Hakushu

Posted in Shops, Stuff by tokyobling on August 12, 2012

Japanese make really good single malt whiskeys. There, I said it. One of my favorite whiskey makers in Japan is Suntory, and although I am not a big drinker (I hardly ever touch the stuff) it is really well crafted whiskey. In Tokyo’s Omotesando district the brewery is currently running a pop-up bar and eatery with whiskey drinks on tap! I don’t think I have ever seen single malt on tap before. There’s quite a few varieties of the whiskey brand they are promoting, Hakushu (白州) but I only sampled one. If you are in the area and looking for a different drinking experience, I recommend this bar, which is not so difficult to find if you get out of Omotesando Subway Station Exit A4, turn right and then right again, walk a little bit and you’ll find it at the end of an open air food court on your right hand side. There’s also a pretty nice campaign site that you might want to visit if for no other reason than to listen to the soothing BGM of a forest soundtrack and birds chirping in the forest. I visited the area where their distillery is last year but I think I have to make sure to make a proper visit to the factory this summer!

This place is part of food truck collection called 246COMMON, and you can see my post about it here.

Note: The 246COMMON is closed since April 30th, 2014.

Frozen Beer Gardens – Sendai City

Posted in Places, Shops by tokyobling on August 2, 2012

I know I’m late to the game, but not being a big drinker I tend not to notice these trends, and although I have seen these kind of beer places around I never thought there was anything special to it. For the last three years (I think) beer companies have started running temporary beer gardens at central locations across Japan. The first I saw was a Asahi Beer place in Ginza, but here’s a Kirin one I walked past in Sendai last weekend. Their thing is that they serve super chilled beer, -2 degrees celsius to be exact, and they are hugely popular this summer, usually with lines of people waiting to get inside and cool down. I have never tried it, but some of these days I will, just to be able to say I did! I wonder if Ebisu Beer has one of these bars as well? The head on that beer makes it look more like ice-cream I think!


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