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Ikebukuro Traffic – Photo Fun

Posted in Places by tokyobling on January 21, 2014

One of the first thing you’ll notice when visiting Tokyo is that in the evenings, more than half of the traffic on the roads are usually taxis. Tokyo taxis are parts of the visual make up of the city and I know many photographers and tourists who have a soft spot for the mostly yellow, green and red taxi cars! They’re a given for any collection of “the” Tokyo tourist photo collection!

A fun thing you can do with almost any camera to get some interesting travel photography is “tracking traffic”. I took these photos outside Tokyo’s Ikebukuro JR station a while ago of the traffic zooming past the station. Tracking shots like this are really easy to do but sometimes tricky to get just right. What you do is move the camera to follow the car or object, blurring the background but (hopefully) keeping the moving object razor sharp.

I set the camera to 1/10s, f10, and ISO 500 for this fairly bright city street. Then I waited for a car to come into my viewfinder. I follow the car with my camera and while moving, press the shutter, keep following (or tracking) the car and don’t stop until the picture is done. Repeat, try different settings, and enjoy!

No photoshop was used to alter these images.








Classic Japanese Cars

Posted in Places by tokyobling on January 4, 2013

In Bungotakada City on the north east part of Kyushu in Oita Prefecture I found this collection of classic Japanese cars. The city is famous for it’s “Showanomachi”, or Showa Era City, a sort of time capsuled city where everything remains as it would have looked in the middle of the Showa ear (1950’s to 1960’s). The cars include a splashing yellow Subaru from 1972 and a blue three wheeled Daihatsu from 1970 and a very cool looking Nissan truck. More photos from Showanomachi to come!






Roppongi Itasha

Posted in Places by tokyobling on April 17, 2012

Walking in Roppongi I saw these two gloriously decorated cars parked on the side of the road just outside Tokyo Midtown. Itasha, the practice of anime fans to decorate their cars with the favorite anime series has been going on for quite some time but it’s always fun to see them in the wild! An Audi and an Alfa Romeo, fun thing is, both parked outside the Roppongi Mercedes dealership. I love how the owners of these cars are so fantastically devoted to their favorite shows that they would decorate a multi-million yen sports car like this. Both of the owners were standing near the cars when I stopped to snap these but they didn’t mind at all. Must be getting used to the cameras by now!

A Truly Blinged Car

Posted in Stuff by tokyobling on May 2, 2011

How’s this for a blinged out car? I can absolutely imagine seeing a car like this on the streets of Tokyo someday soon. Can’t you? I saw this beauty at the annual Tokyo Hobby fair, April 29th at Odaiba. Enjoy!

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