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Walking Asakusa – Pet Pig

Posted in Animals, People, Places by tokyobling on August 26, 2014

Tokyo is one of the most crowded capitals on Earth but in the middle of it all there is still opportunities to see a little bit of non-human nature. A while ago I was walking through Tokyo’s famous Asakusa district and saw these pets taking their owners for a walk through the city. Cats are commonplace, both in trams and roaming the streets on their own, seeing a pig though, was the first for me! A few foreign tourists tried to communicate with the pig but he was incredibly focused on the food his owner was enjoying.

Apart from pets there is a surprising amount of wildlife in the city. Even in the most central parts we have Palm Civets, Raccoons and cats. In the outskirts we have foxes, rabbits, kites and eagles and still within city limits but in the most remote areas we have bears, badgers and boars!






Animals and Wildlife at Enoshima

Posted in Animals, Places by tokyobling on April 19, 2014

I took these photos while visiting Enoshima, a small island right of the Pacific Ocean coast in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture. Enoshima is superbly photogenic and I had enough photos just relating to animals that I thought I should make a proper post of it. The are tobi, squirrels, cats, dogs and fish! The tobi are the most majestic birds you are likely to see in the wild in Japan and they are everywhere. Normally when going birdwatching you need a really long lens for your camera but these tobi are so close that most average cameras should be able to get decent photos of them! Enjoy!














Sanja Matsuri – Festival Cat

Posted in Animals, Places by tokyobling on June 18, 2013

I couldn’t help myself sneaking a photo of of this cat sleeping on the shoulder of one of the many people out to enjoy the huge Sanja Matsuri about a month ago. He seemed to be snoozing just well up there until “somebody” woke him up by getting too close with a noisy camera. I hope the men and women carrying the omikoshi didn’t mind not being the center of the attention for a few moments!



Cemetery Cat – Numazu City

Posted in Animals, Places by tokyobling on February 6, 2013

In the seaside city of Numazu (沼津市) on the eastern end of Shizuoka prefecture a hot day a couple of summers ago I saw this handsome but scruffy looking cat loitering about in a cemetery. I think he wasn’t too happy about being my model but I did my best to get his best angle! Going grave spotting in Japan is really hard work as the name on the gravestone is completely different from the name the person had when they were alive. If the grave isn’t especially marked out it will be very hard to find the grave you are looking for. Just in case you ever felt like trying to find Japanese celebrities last resting places!







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