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Hachioji Grand Festival

Posted in Japanese Traditions, Places by tokyobling on August 13, 2015

I missed the grand festival in Tokyo’s western city of Hahicoji that took place last weekend. It is one of my favorite festivals so I am a little miffed that I could not go. Instead I dug around among the photos I took of last year’s festival and found these, of the giant dashi right during the magic blue hour! The red light of the lanterns to the wooden browns of the costumes and the dashi look great contrasted with the rich blue of that time of the early evening. Of course seeing the real thing is best photos will have to do in this for this blog!








This Weekend – Hachioji Matsuri

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People, Places by tokyobling on August 7, 2015

If you are in Tokyo over the weekend and want to see or do something special there is nothing I would recommend more than the famous Hachioji Matsuri, one of the biggest festival in Western Tokyo. It is a little bit of a train ride from central Tokyo but less than an hour from most points in the city I think. The festival is scattered all over central Hachioji, but the main action is on the main road near the station, where the giant Dashi are being pulled back and forth throughout the day and the evening. Apart from the there are also plenty of Hayashi (traditional live festival music), omikoshi, dances, rituals, geisha, etc. This festival is easily one of the most “complete” of the big summer festivals in Tokyo! I took these in the scorching hot festival last year but this year looks to be even hotter!







Hachioji Matsuri Dashi Performer

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People, Places by tokyobling on September 14, 2014

There are so many festivals taking place in Tokyo this weekend I do not have time to spend on photo editing and blogging! So here are some of my personal favorites from this year’s Hachioji Matsuri, just a few weeks ago. A performer at one of the many dashi (mobile festival stages) are doing his best to entertain near the end of a long three day festival. I love how some of the kids love challenging themselves and get close to the scary performers in masks while some keep their distance.

If you are in Tokyo tonight there are any number of festivals to pick from, not least the one in Shibuya and the one in Akasaka! Have a great long weekend!









Ryuzu No Mai – Dragon Dance at Hachioji Matsuri

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People, Places by tokyobling on September 3, 2014

At this year’s grand Hachioji Matsuri I saw these three dragon head’s dancers (龍頭の舞), performing a 400 year old ritual dance with drums, flutes and great wooden masks. The dance itself is quite acrobatic, with great leaps and spins. There are very few performers of this dance left in Japan, but the traditions and the equipment is kept in shape by a few groups of dedicated performers. The three masks used by these performers were made by local craftsmen in 1712, making them the oldest masks in continued use by dancers anywhere in the country. They are decorated with horse manes and long bird feathers (which I learned was about 2000 a piece to buy new and wore out quite quickly).

It was a very hot day and it must have been quite exhausting to have so many performances outside in just one day.









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