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The Great Mushrooming

Posted in Design Festa 2009, Stuff by tokyobling on June 22, 2010

At Design Festa 2010 I saw these wonderful mushroom lamps by the Great Mushrooming himself. Made by glass, LED lights and found wood. I was not the only one in absolute awe of the beauty of these practical works of art – the crowd in front of his exhibition was thick with people. I’d say this guy must have been on of the top five artists in the whole festival. I love the detail of the absolutely non-fungi little plastic on/off dial. So sweet and so mechanical. It makes for a great contrast to the brittle lights. I wouldn’t mind having a whole room decorated with these. Check out his site for more photos and info (naturally – Japanese only).

Update (2010 August 26th): I talked to the Man himself (Mr Mushroom) about people overseas buying his works but he thinks they are far too brittle for shipping, also his day job keeps him too busy to make any of these for overseas sales. If you want one, just show up on the next Design Festa here in Tokyo!

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