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Donyatsu – Doughnut Kitten

Posted in Stuff, Wonder Festival by tokyobling on July 28, 2011

Here’s a cute and rather improbable mash up between Monster Hunter and sweets: the Donyatsu, a wordplay on the Japanese word for kitty (nyanko) and doughnut. Isn’t it adorable? Now I think it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out a way to cosplay this, using real or fake cats! If you want to send your kitten love letters for this wonderful figure, please direct them to Studio Reflect at – preferably when you’re not at work, unless your work involves figures, anime, manga and Japanese toys.


McDonalds Japan Goes Kawaii

Posted in Shops, Stuff by tokyobling on November 10, 2009

There is one adjective above all that currently sums up all things Japanese: “kawaii”, cute. In Japan, everything must contain a certain amount of cuteness or it is bound to fail. There’s even cutified dolls dolls in the likeness of the present prime minister! No celebrity (in Japan strangely enough called “talent”), no character, no company, no product, no food, no place can prosper without a certain dose of “kawaii”.

So I guess it was only a matter of time before McDonalds finally got the memo and jumped on the kawaii bandwagon. Their previous campaigns have been received very cooly by the dragon of Japanese consumers: high school girls. I wonder what their reaction will be to the new line up of kawaii McDonalds characters? Sorry for the lousy picture, my 20mm Nikon f2.8 lens wouldn’t go any closer.

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