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Mecha Sculpture

Posted in Wonder Festival by tokyobling on February 15, 2011

Here’s another great find at the Winter Tokyo Wonder Festa a couple of weeks ago. This fantastic sculpted (well, more like welded) mecha (although the creator calls it a power suit) drew a lot of attention. Imagine if this guy could be given a couple of aces of abandoned industrial wasteland or woodlot somewhere? In case you want to exhibit this piece of, well, junk, you can contact the creator. I guess the postage will be pretty hight though!

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Shojiro Yamauchi – ある惑星住人

Posted in National Art Center by tokyobling on August 28, 2010

This wonderful series of metal sculptures by Japanese artist Shojiro Yamauchi (内山翔二郎) really caught me when I saw it at the National Art Center exhibition in March this year. It is called ある惑星住人 which I loosely translate as “Inhabitants Of A Certain Planet”, but since there are no definitive articles or plural forms for Japanese nouns it gets tricky to translate short sentences taken out of any context. Ants, a cicada and a spider with what seems to be a mini gun aimed at the cicada makes up this mini installation. The works are pretty large though. The cicada is easily a couple of meters across! I just love the details and the quality of this. Japan seems to have a lot of good metal artists lately!

Mr Yamauchi recently graduated from the Nihon University College of Art (日本大学藝術学部) and you can read a short bio and see more photos of the ants on his site here. He was born in Kanagawa prefecture and just finished an exhibition at a gallery in Yokohama, of where there are some nice photos at Maruoka’s blog here.

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