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Yuigahama Beach Sunset – Kamakura

Posted in Nature, Places by tokyobling on December 7, 2013

A couple of weeks ago when I visited Kamakura I took these photos of the Yuigahama beach at sunset, after a short rainstorm. The clouds were clearing up and the moon was there, one of my favorite times in one of my favorite places. There were still a few surfers out in the ocean, they must be a hardy bunch!

Yuigahama beach faces south, so it is tricky to photograph during the day. I have so far made many visits to beaches facing south, east and west but I have never spent any longer amount of time on a beach facing north! That is one of the things on my to do list in life. The north coast of Japan is still a big blank for me.

In the autumn or early winter the worst of the summer storms have passed, few people visit the beach and it is cleaner than during spring or summer. I still found one unopened package of Onikoroshi, a supermarket brand of Japanese sake. I am almost addicted to beach combing and whenever I visit this beach I bring a small garbage bag to collect garbage, plastic, pieces of glass and anything that does not belong to the beach. I wish everyone was as manic as me, the beach would be spotless in no time! One short stroll along the beach usually results in a well filled garbage bag that I put in the trash cans near the stairs leading down to the beach. The only thing I never collect is forgotten children’s toys. I always have a secret wish that the child who forgot it will come back and find it again. I wonder if that ever happens in real life?










New Year Dawn – Akagi Shrine

Posted in Places by tokyobling on January 6, 2013

The last darkness of the old year gives way to the first pale light of the first morning on the new year. Just before dawn on New Year’s Day I visited Akagi Shrine in Tokyo’s famous Kagurazaka district. This shrine is easily the most modern shinto shrine in Japan – all glass, concrete and machine cut stone! It was bitingly cold night but I stood around to enjoy the last of the moon before the sun came out. There was a steady stream of visitors even at that time, mostly couples or men and women coming alone, but also a few locals offering bottles of sake or boxes of fruits to the shrine and even a rowdy group of drunk young men. If you’re ever in the area, this is one of the must see shrines of Tokyo!





Rising Moon over Nagoya

Posted in Places by tokyobling on October 31, 2012

I spent the weekend in Nagoya, the industrial heart of Japan and also home to some pretty impressive recent architecture. This is taken just from the side of the Nagoya station Meitetsu side. Can you spot the moon rising?

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