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Rainbow Bridge Sunset

Posted in Places by tokyobling on January 19, 2015

I often get asked where to go and what to do by tourists and visitors to Tokyo and one of my standard answers is always “walk across the Rainbow Bridge, preferably at or near sunset”. It might be a little complicated to find the access point near Tamachi Station but not impossible, and no problem at all if you have a smartphone. The better way if you are afraid of getting lost on the way to the bridge is to start the walk from the Odaiba side, and then you can deal with getting lost at your leisure, after having finished the purpose of the walk with not time pressure. I took these just as the sun was setting, on that short walk between Odaiba beach and the bridge.







Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba

Posted in Animals, Places by tokyobling on January 13, 2015

Winter time means fewer festivals and fewer events here in Tokyo, which in turns means that I have more time to just wander around. It is hard to resist the long beautiful walk from Tamachi station over the Rainbow Bridge to the artificial Odaiba island in Tokyo Bay. The beach might be artificial as well, but for inland city dwellers even this combination of sand and ocean is like balm for the soul. On weekends there are usually a few couples out getting their pictures taken, and I got one of them in my photos. From Odaiba beach I walked further on to Diver City and Venus Fort, two of the biggest shopping malls in Odaiba, and through to Aomi port on the ocean side of Odaiba, where the biggest and fastest cargo ships stop by. I am afraid I also bothered one innocent duck the stoically endured my photography. All in all a great day to spend a lazy day in Tokyo!











The New Fish Market – Odaiba

Posted in Places by tokyobling on January 7, 2015

About 30 years ago it was decided that the legendary Tsukiji fish market (the world’s largest wholesale fish market) needed a new and more convenient location here in Tokyo and it was decided that Odaiba would be the place for it. Due to natural causes (Odaiba being reclaimed land) it took slightly longer then usual to start building but a last year the construction started in earnest at the new spot, as you can see from these photos. The new fish market is planned to open in March 2016 but it will likely take a bit longer. For anyone traveling on the Yurikamome Line from Toyosu station the new location will be familiar, as it was for many years (since 2006 at least) the home of a station that was almost invariably completely deserted, no one getting on or off, in the middle of nowhere. The Shijomae (市場前駅) station also happens to be the least used train station anywhere in Tokyo. I expect the number of passengers at the station to increase by a thousand fold this time next year.




Magic Pink Sky over Tokyo Bay

Posted in Places by tokyobling on December 15, 2014

Saturday saw a gap in the schedule so I filled it in one of my favorite ways, a long slow walk from mainland Tokyo over to the manmade Odaiba Island in the middle of Tokyo Bay. The magic pink colors that came out at sunset was as fantastic as always! I still think that this (free) walk over the Rainbow Bridge is one of the nicest tourist experiences the city has to offer.






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