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Desperado X Orbis

Posted in People by tokyobling on February 3, 2010

I haven’t shot with Desperado for quite awhile recently and I thought I should share one of the pictures from our latest photo session together. I snapped this picture of him during an off-moment, between poses but I still think it captures a bit of his raw masculinity. Desperado is by far my favorite male model (anywhere in the world). That he happens to live and work near me is just a lucky coincidence. For this shot I used a 50mm prime lens with a very shallow depth of focus, f1.4. As a key light I used a SB-900 combined (the best flash on the market today) with an added Orbis Ring Flash Adapter (available here if you live in Japan) with an Orbis bracket for ease of movement. Flash set to automatic, shutter to 1/200.

Desperado is one of those models that just always delivers exactly the pose and the attitude I want when I shoot. There is no other model I’d rather work with. His deadpan sense of humor (entirely unintentional from his side) cracks me up every time. Quite possible the sexiest Japanese man alive, and quite possible one of the humblest Japanese men alive.

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