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Bonodori and Night Photography

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People by tokyobling on July 25, 2011

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ve most likely seen some of my many posts about the traditional Bonodori festivals, so I won’t bore you with too much details, but if you want to read more you’re more than welcome to see my earlier posts here, here, here, here and here.

The power savings campaigns in eastern Japan are way past the four month mark by now, and although people in Tokyo are doing a great job it seems that we are finally getting used to it. Nobody local comments on dark stations or blacked out streets anymore, but whenever I meet friends or business associates from western Japan they comment on the eerie feeling they experience here. In my own opinion, Japan was too bright earlier and I think that we have returned to a more normal state of being with this present energy saving campaign. Other people disagree though.

One major negative point for people like me though, is that night photography have gone from being difficult to becoming a really hard challenge! Even before March it was hard to get decent photos at festivals and street scenes. A lot of people have asked me how to get better photos at night and I’d just like to use these snapshots of bonodori dancers to explain how I do (there are better/different methods but this is how I took these).

First of all I crank up the ISO as far as I can go without losing sharpness, this will vary from camera to camera, in my case I can go up to 12 800 before I really can’t stand looking at the grainy photos any more. For these photos, I mostly used a really high ISO of 5000. For reference, in the good old days of film photography, very few people ever went above ISO 3200, and even today most point and shoot cameras can rarely get good results with anything over ISO 1600.

The second point is to turn your f-stop as low as possible, in my case I had it at f2 for most of these photos. The lower the f-stop the “bigger” the opening in the lens, which means that you get more light.

Then I use the shutter speed dial to get a reasonable exposure, and I usually underexpose 2-4 steps (underexpose means to deliberately shoot darker than the camera thinks you should). If the camera thought I should shoot at 1/20 I would shoot at 1/60 or even 1/120 to get darker, richer shots.

The problem with shooting bonodori at night though, is that people are moving! Dancing pretty fast as a matter of fact, and since people are dancing in a circle around a central point it also means that they are moving towards you (you will risk losing focus if your camera can’t focus fast enough) or sideways from you (any movement is greatly amplified when shot sideways as no amount of “depth of focus” (DOF) will save you). Most of these photos were shot at a mere 1/25, which means I can only get a sharp shot at the zenith of a movement, for example when some one swings an arm: the only time their movement is slow enough to be sharp is when the arm is at the end of it’s movement, before falling back, a mere tenth of a second! In order to capture these moments I can either machine gun it and shoot 3-4 frames a second, tracking them, or follow the dance and learn when to press the trigger, relying on my skill, my intuition and my own timing.

Another huge problem is that the light is all in one color. Red, from the overhead lanterns, and there’s very little of it to begin with. Think of it as black and white but with red instead of white. This means that any other colors will only show as reddish brown or reddish grey. Blues, pinks, greens and whites will disappear in a red haze.

Once I had taken the photo the next problem started when I edited the photo at home. It was just red, red and red. Fortunately what had to be fixed with hours of extremely fine tuned manual labor in a pitch black dark room standing over vats of chemicals a mere 15 years ago can be fixed in Photoshop in a matter of minutes. To “magically” get the colors back (they are after all there, just so obscured by the red light that we can’t see them even with our naked eyes, much less with a camera) I used the levels too and adjusted the range of the red part of the RGB filter. Voila! I had colors once again, but strange, almost antique colors that reminds me of old color photography in the ektachrome era of the 1950’s or 1960’s.

What could I have done better? Well, I could have used a “unipod”, a pole that will stabilize my camera while still being more mobile than a tripod. Apart from that there is nothing I realistically could have done much less than setting up flashes, organizing focus points or used even more expensive equipment. Still, the photos that you see in this post are more colorful and brighter than reality and while I could have spent much more time in photoshop digitally processing the photos get a more balance color, I also like these “artifacts” of the situation: blurry because they were dancing, dark because we are all cutting down on our energy spending, and red because of the red lanterns, and also red because it was very, very hot that night.

Bonodori is quickly becoming one of my favorite festivals, precisely because the music is actually quite boring, the dance is not at all cool, the beat is slow, the moves are difficult to learn, all the best dancers are over 70 years old and most people do it while being very concentrated, very focused. All in all, it’s not a cool or fun festival, but it is very beautiful, and I dare say, very Japanese.

Last Manly Kimono

Posted in Places by tokyobling on February 5, 2011

Last two shots from the kimono photo shoot last month. I have plenty more but I don’t want to bore you, and the rest would just be variations on these. It’s fun to have so many different shots from a single shoot to play with, in terms of editing and re-touching. This guy is one of the few models where I hardly do any actual re-touching, focusing on fixing shadows, evening out highlights and colors. Great fun! It almost reminds me of the good old days I used to spend in the dark room. Ah, memories!

More Manly Kimono

Posted in People by tokyobling on January 30, 2011

More manly kimono for everyone that didn’t get enough of this guy wearing a different kimono, or him in a suit, or him holding the flashgun, or the dramatic close up of him (which is also the current cover of a Japanese model agency site), or a semi nude, or the three portraits of him here, or… well the list goes on!

Again this was the same studio (my studio) the same light set up (one light, good models don’t need more), and the same stylist using a different kimono. I tried a red background to get a more dramatic and visual look. I screwed up on the color correction of the skin tones, but please don’t try and find the areas where I missed, I am already sporting big red marks on my forehead from banging my head on the keyboard once I noticed this. Don’t know if I succeeded overall, but as I said earlier, even a blind monkey with a disposable toy camera could get a good picture of this guy. Enjoy! A couple more coming up next week.

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Marunouchi Evening

Posted in Places by tokyobling on November 22, 2010

Back to basic photography, here at one of my many favorite (it’s so hard to pick just one) places in Tokyo: Marunouchi! Japan’s and possibly Asia’s finance industry heart (not that this fact in itself is in any way positive). Just walking around with my camera and enjoying the last few minutes of the setting sun. It’s not often I get the chance to just walk around and see things.

I call them: Imperfection, Synchronized, Pictogram, Tension, Perfection.

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