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Sakamoto Station – Miyagi

Posted in Places by tokyobling on April 15, 2011

Certainly it wasn’t a very famous station, but the area surrounding it used to be quite beautiful. When I drove past it a couple of weeks ago, I had to check and double check with my GPS to make sure I had found it. Sakamoto station on the Joban line is just 5km north of the border between Miyagi and Fukushima. It used to be that you could ride all the way up here from Nishinippori station in Tokyo, now, most of the tracks along the coast, as well as several stations have been destroyed by the tsunami. Only one of the two platforms remain, as well as the stairs connecting them with the station house and the concrete restrooms, remains. The station house itself, the trains, all gone. The station itself is in Yamamoto Town, inside Watari County, Miyagi Predecture.

Google map coordinates are as follows (copy and paste into a search box on your browser and click maps): 37.9284500000,140.9126400000

An ambulance crew dispatched from Nagoya are preparing to transport bodies (most likely to the makeshift morgue in Sendai). Nagoya is quite far away, ambulance, police and firefighters from all over Japan have taken turns clearing out area after area along the coast).

Stairs, platform and in the background the tent set up to receive bodies. They had just finished when I arrived.

A childs dress shoe lies washed up near the platform.

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