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Graduation Photo

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People, Places by tokyobling on April 19, 2012

In late March earlier this year while visiting Yasukuni Shrine I saw these students having their graduation photo taken in front of the main gates to the shrine. I think it is the martial arts club of Nihon Daigaku (日本大学), a huge Japanese university. It was really fun to take a few minutes and watch them trying to settle down for the photo, the photographer had a hard time to get them all primed and ready, it must have taken them over 20 minutes until they got ready for the first photo! In the meantime, the captain, I believe, with the shaved head and the special uniform in the center of the group made his best to entertain us watching as well as keep his club on their toes! I also felt sorry for the five junior members of the club who struggled to get the flag perfect for the photo, they were really doing their best and I think they were seconds from collapsing from exhaustion when the photographer called his final shot! I do not know the tradition why some male university students chose to wear their club uniforms or high school uniforms for their university education, but it is quite common. Personally, I love it!

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