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This Weekend – Shibuya Konnohachimangu Matsuri

Posted in Japanese Traditions, People, Places by tokyobling on September 12, 2014

If you are in Tokyo this weekend and want to experience the fun, music and bustle of a traditional festival you could pick the grand Konnohachimangu Matsuri (渋谷金王八幡宮例大祭) which takes place on both Saturday and Sunday in and around the grand shrine in Shibuya. The festival has everyting: gorgeous and energetic Awaodori at the shrine itself, huge lit paper sculptures of the Nebuta at the Center Gai, omikoshi careening all over Shibuya, folk singing and tons of other events. Even rowing gangs of taiko drummer and impromptu karaoke contests!

There are also plenty of other festivals taking place this weekend like the Hikawa Shrine Matsuri which starts tonight in Akaska, or the Ark Hills Autumn festival also in Akasaka, or the Ikebukuro Brazilian festival, or the Sakurashinmachi Nebuta festival tomorrow.

These photos from all around the festival area is from last year’s festival. Shibuya is an interesting place and packed with people even on normal days, add the weekend shoppers, the foreign tourists and a full on traditional festival and you get a very interesting mix of people and purposes! The three day long weekend means that many festivals carry on until Monday the 15th, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit as many festivals as you want!








Shibuya At Sunset – Hikarie Building

Posted in Places by tokyobling on August 9, 2014

Last evening I passed through Shibuya just as the sun was setting. Naturally the grand Hikarie building is a the perfect choice to capture Shibuya from above and I took these photos from the 11th and 12th floors before I headed out and took some more of the famous Scramble Street Crossing. Enjoy!









Waiting – Shibuya Station

Posted in People, Places by tokyobling on April 4, 2014

While waiting for my train in Shibuya station, in front of the Inokashira Line ticket gates I took this photo. There’s a lot of different trains on this line, express, local, limited express, etc. There’s always time to catch a good moment rather than catching the next train.

These photos are quite heavily photoshopped: I needed to straighten out the lines of the ceiling tiles. The 17mm very wide angle lens I used made the lines in the ceiling go all curved and it looked terrible. It is still not perfect but lest of actually redrawing the ceiling this is the best I could do on my antique little laptop. I am actually quite close to the girl waiting by the pillar.


Dragon Ball vs. One Piece Street Battle

Posted in Places, Stuff by tokyobling on March 19, 2014

One of Japan’s biggest toy companies, Bandai, teamed up with 45th year anniversary Shonen Jump comics magazine to produce an epic multi-player fighting game, J-Start Victory Vs., featuring some of the most famous comics and anime characters in Japan in set battles. To promote it, they created an installation in front of the PARCO department store in Shibuya, a giant diorama if you will. We are pretty used to anime and manga characters coming alive in statues and life sized figure recently, but this one takes it a step further by working with props and the pavement itself. Very fun and very popular with both adults and kids walking past. You can see the official homepage of the game here. The characters in this unlikely stand off are Dragon Ball Z’s Goku (孫悟空) and One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy (モンキー・D・ルフィ). The characters will be duking it out until the 23rd of March, so if you are in Tokyo during the week and the weekend, there’s still time to see this!








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