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Boring Tokyo: Taking A Walk in Ikebukuro

Posted in People, Places by tokyobling on March 19, 2011

Dear all. On Friday I had the chance to take a short walk through Ikebukuro with my camera, and since I had promised to abuse your time by thrusting even more photos of mundane, no panic, no fear, normal life in Tokyo, here goes! Please don’t blame me if you think my blog is boring these days. There’s always the never ending disaster movie going on at CNN. Full of fiction and none of the bothersome fact checking or reporting that gets in the way of a good story.

These photos are of Ikebukuro, an area in the north part of Tokyo but still in central Tokyo. If you ever wonder, I consider all of the 23 wards to be in central Tokyo. The ward that Ikebukuro is in is called Toshima. Sometimes Tosima city.

The photos show a supermaket worker stocking up on good for sale, outside, nonetheless. A florist, an old lady in her best pajama taking a break in the sun reading at an antiquarian shop and the flashiest street corner karaoke bar in Tokyo. Obviously, all very boring stuff. Normality. Except maybe for the lady in the pajamas. That is not normal stuff. But maybe a little funny. Oh, I found four books from 1929 about calligraphy, very cheap. My only shopping so far this month.

All of these images are offered under a CC (Creative Commons license, you may print, use, alter or publish these images as long as you attribute them to Tokyobling, this blog). Higher resolution images can be requested by contacting me at my gmail account or in the comment section. My email address is name of the blog @ gmail. Enjoy!

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