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Boring Tokyo: Night Time in Shibuya

Posted in People, Places by tokyobling on March 31, 2011

One victim of this whole energy saving campaign is my night time photography! It has become really hard to take decent street photography shots when it so dark outside, even in the city centers that are usually lit up like Christmas from morning to midnight. Here’s to show you what I mean, some really blurry, very boring photos of people going on with their lives and dimmer than usual Shibuya. You can’t really tell by these photos, but it was so dark even the auto focus on the camera had a hard time catching on. It looks brighter than it actually was. As a bonus I throw in a shot of my latest obsession, police cars with flashing lights! Enjoy!

Boring Tokyo: Shinjuku Crowds

Posted in People, Places by tokyobling on March 30, 2011

On Sunday the 27th of March I passed through Shinjuku and was happy to see that the “center of Tokyo” was almost back to normal. Well, if you weren’t very familiar with Shinjuku you wouldn’t be able to tell what was still a little bit odd after the quake. So, far from what you see on the news, Tokyo is still alive, still smiling and still kicking! Hopefully I can stop doing these Boring Tokyo posts soon! Still, that couple is really cute. Enjoy!

Boring Tokyo: Streets of Shibuya

Posted in Places by tokyobling on March 29, 2011

Shibuya is as lively as always, full of people intent on shopping and having fun. The only thing that is different from before the earthquake is the number of foreigners. I don’t see as many of them as before. Still, spring is coming and Shibuya is getting more colorful. Can’t wait for summer! Sorry about the boring posts. I’ll get busy getting something more interesting to post as soon as things calm down. I took these on March 25th.

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Boring Tokyo: Shibya Today

Posted in People, Places by tokyobling on March 25, 2011

So it’s past midnight now and I finally have a few minutes to post a few of the photos I took this afternoon while passing through Shibuya. It’s not often I get a chance to go there on a weekday afternoon so I took the chance and snapped a few photos of the crowds. The day started out very nicely with sun and almost spring weather but by the time I took these it was back to winter. To save energy most of us are turning down the heat, every little bit helps make sure the people up north have all the electric power they need.

There are a few really snappy dressers in this series! What do you think of the fantastic looking bloke in the suit jacket? I love him! And of course, the girl who just graduated university and is wearing the traditional graduation day hakama/kimono combination. Or the girl with the lovely auburn hair! In other words, a very normal Friday afternoon here in Shibuya. Enjoy!


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