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Walking the Rainbow Bridge – Free Sightseeing in Tokyo

Posted in Places by tokyobling on August 12, 2015

Nothing beats free when it comes to tourism right? And few things are as much bang for your buck when it comes to experiencing Tokyo as a walk across the Rainbow bridge. Of course, it requires the physique to be able to walk briskly for at least 30 minutes and still enjoy it, but if you can manage that I see no reason not to put this destination on your to-do list as a tourist in Tokyo! My favorite time to do the walk is around sunset, but it is great any time of the day, just make sure bridge is open for foot traffic before you head over! It closes early in the summer and even earlier in winter. Either way you go you save on the train ticket, which is one of the pricier ones in central Tokyo at about a hundred yen more than what you would normally pay for a ride this long.

Funny thing happened when I was taking the last photo though. There was a fairly large Earthquake in the general area, and the bridge started making some small noises as the anti-earthquake engineering kicked in to keep the wobbliness to a minimum. I felt very safe to be on the bridge!







Walking the Rainbow Bridge

Posted in Places by tokyobling on May 17, 2012

One of my best kept secrets on this blog must be walking the Rainow Bridge. I love walking, I take hours and hours of walks every week and I have trouble sleeping if I don’t take a random hour long walk every day. One of my favorite walks is the Rainbow Bridge, the circular Golden Gate look-a-like that connects mainland Tokyo with the artificial islands of Odaiba. Even many Tokyo people doesn’t know it’s possible to walk the bridge and even fewer would consider it a very good idea indeed. In winter it is bitingly cold with strong winds and sometimes fierce sun. In the summer, it can quickly become a good reminder of the importance of staying hydrated and out of the blazing sun. It’s a fun, safe walk though, with great views of Tokyo and some much needed fresh air in the summer. It’s also surprisingly quick, and for travelers on a budget it is easily the cheapest way to visit Odaiba! The entrance to the footpath on the bridge is easy enough to locate from the Odaiba side but it can be tricky to find from the Tokyo side, even though most people go from Tokyo to Odaibe on the bridge and not the other way around. A good way to find it though, is to exit Tamachi station, get out of the East exit and just follow the biggest road straight on, as far as you can go until you reach the massive foot of the bridge. It’s a good 15 minutes walk to the bridge and then maybe another 15 minutes to cross to Odaiba. It’s possible to take your bike over the bridge but there’s a rather complicated system for bringing it over on the “wrong side” of the bridge. You’ll get it when you go there though. Just let the guards do whatever they need to your bikes and you’ll be fine. There’s plenty of stops on the bridge where you can take photos and I always end up spending a lot of time there, I must have hundred of snaps taken up there on my computer but I keep putting this post off waiting for the better shots I’ll take next time I go over. Well, I’ll post them too, when I do. Enjoy!

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