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Tamayo Konishi – Sculpture

Posted in People, Places by tokyobling on November 5, 2010

During the recent event of Tokyo University of Arts at Marunouchi Building I also had time to check out some more work of a few of their graduate students. Here is my absolute favorite, a series of statues, each with an individual expression and lovely head piece of strawberries and cream、by the artist Tamayo Konishi (小西珠代), called “女の子、であること”, which I would loosely translate as “Being a girl”. I don’t know anything about the artist besides her being mentioned in this PDF from her university (page 8), with a photo of her graduation piece. There is also a photo of the artist and the reasoning behind her work in this PDF. Interesting, and definitely an opinion about being female in Japan that I have heard many times before. I’d love to see more of her work!

Sorry for the repetitive nature of these photos, I just couldn’t stop shooting! More photos from other entries in this art event coming up over the weekend! Stay tuned!

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