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Cute Bookstore – Omotesando

Posted in Places, Shops by tokyobling on September 12, 2012

I recently walked past this cute bookstore in Omotesando. The second floor is a gallery, and to be such as small store they seem to have a lot of staff! Only Japanese language books on sale though. If you come from Harajuku along the main Omotesando Street, just turn left at the big crossing at Omotesando, and it will be just on the corner, to your left. Sanyodo – 山陽堂書店. I read recently that on average, one book store closes every day in Japan, over 350 book store every year close up for good due to a shift in consumer demand. It is good to see that some shops manage to go against the stream.


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  1. D... said, on September 12, 2012 at 7:12 am

    I love bookstores. They’re struggling everywhere too. Some of my favorite time has been spent nestled in a cozy little book store with something charming to peruse and purchase. And while e-books are convenient, they don’t have that textile magic that paper has. I love tracing my fingers on the lines of an interesting book. The ritual of breaking the spine on a new book, placing dog ears on particular pages containing passages you love. There is indeed a romance to reading, it is truly a shame if we deprive ourselves of this small but deep joy. I just hope that we find ways to keep these little shops going. I do like the idea of tablets, but I don’t think that paper should be completely abandoned. If only we could be a society in balance. *sigh*


    • tokyobling said, on September 13, 2012 at 1:25 am

      I think, all things considered, humanity is not very good at balance… (+_+) But I agree with you…


  2. tokyohamster said, on September 12, 2012 at 9:34 am

    It’s nice to find cute, little stores in Omotesando! It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods 🙂


    • tokyobling said, on September 13, 2012 at 1:26 am

      Indeed it is a great place, I was there yesterday again for the first time in a couple of weeks, never get boring!


      • tokyohamster said, on September 13, 2012 at 1:51 am

        Ooo can you read Japanese? I’ll have to go check it out next time I’m in the ‘hood!


  3. Timi said, on September 12, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Look pretty cool, I wanna go and get some books now >.<


    • tokyobling said, on September 13, 2012 at 1:28 am

      I don’t condone shopping! haha… on the other hand, window shopping! (^-^;)


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