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Paintings at the Graduation Exhibition

Posted in National Art Center by tokyobling on April 27, 2015

A couple of months ago I visited the National Art Center in Roppongi for the annual combined art university graduation exhibit. Here are a few of the paintings that I liked, and that are fairly representative of the show. The show throws together five of the biggest art universities in and around Tokyo for a grand show with all the their graduating students of that year. From the first to the last, the artists behind these paintings are Yuka Machida, Hana Furusho, Yu Yasuhara, Chie Nakagami, Misa Hashiguchi and Ayako Miki. Well, technically one of these is graphic art rather than painting, but I add it anyway. Call me a stuffy old fashioned guy, but I think I liked the last one, Susuki no hara, best. The styles exhibited covers almost all of art history, from almost iconic religion themed paintings to the strangest post-modernism.








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Toranomon Hills Art

Posted in Places by tokyobling on April 1, 2015

Just like every major new building in Tokyo has its own character it seems like they also have their giant sculpture. Like the spider Maman outside Roppongi Hills or the Gundam robot outside Diver City in Odaiba, so Toranomon Hills now have a statue called Roots by Jaume Plensa, which you can read more about here. It is really a huge piece of art and visible from a bit of a distance. Keep an eye out for it the next time you are in the neighborhood!








Komiyama Book Store – Jimbocho

Posted in Places, Shops by tokyobling on March 27, 2015

A few days ago I posted about the Jimbcho used book and bookstore paradise, but I wanted to save this one for a special post – the Komiyama Book Store (小宮山書店). This is a used book store that specializes in modern art, culture, photography, subculture, philosophy and recent history, with a heavy emphasis on art and photography. I have visited hundreds of used bookstores on three continents in my life so far but nothing comes even close to this place. They have the most random, most obscure and most well curated stock of any similar store I have ever come across. For a japanophile like me this store is pretty close to paradise on Earth. Anyone who was ever something in recent Japanese art and performance history and ever published, wrote or shot anything, is bound to be represented in this store. The collections are all incredibly jumbled, and you will find an autographed biography of an obscure 1970s political figure next to a signed poster sized silver print of a portrait of Mishima Yukio, in heaps and heaps. Even if you are not particularly interested in Japan they have plenty of foreign books and related items. For the sheer variety just have a look at their list of new arrivals. It is also a great place to sell your rare art book collection, which I sometimes do and regret shortly afterwards.




Godai Art University Graduation Show 2015

Posted in National Art Center, Places by tokyobling on March 24, 2015

This year (as every year) I attended the annual Godai Art University Graduation show at the National Art Center in Tokyo’s Roppongi district. It was full of good stuff as usual and a real treat: nowhere can you get so much contemporary Japanese art as in this exhibition, for such little cost (it is free). I particularly enjoyed one sculpture, “Inisible” by Hifumi Sugata of Joshibi, a sinister looking metal sculpture. This year’s exhibition is over but there is a new on in February – early March next year! Be sure to see it!










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